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Western Union Money Transfer is the safest, fastest, legal and easiest way to transfer money from anywhere in the world. Money transfer through Western Union is totally legal and authorized by the Reserve Bank of India under the Money Transfer Service Scheme (MTSS) guidelines. We understand the importance of speed, accuracy and reliability. Sahil Sagar Foreign Exchange in association with Western Union helps businesses compete globally, through deep expertise in International Payment Solutions and Foreign exchange.

Why Use Western Union

  • 1) Safe- Each transaction is protected by Western Union Money Transfers’ world-class security systems, is electronically remitted and paid out after verifying the credentials of the receiver.
  • 1) Easy- The sender goes to any Western Union location, deposits the money, fills up the ‘To Send Money Form’, pays the charges and receives a 10-digit MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number).
  • 1) Legal- It is a legal method of receiving money in India as per RBI guidelines.


Send Side

  • Sender goes to Agent
  • Fills “Send Money Form” (Green colour)
  • Pays Principal and charges
  • Transaction is sent.
  • Sender gets Receipt and MTCN (Money transfer code number)
  • Sender informs receiver of MTCN.

Receive Side

  • Receiver goes to Agent
  • Fill in receiver Money form TRM
  • Shows valid ID.
  • Transaction is verified.
  • Receiver gets money and receipt.